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The UK's 60,000 charge point milestone

Our new installation in Streatham, London, has pushed the UK over it’s 60,000 charge point milestone and its early usage statistics indicate strong demand for more residential charge points.

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The UK has reached a significant milestone with over 60,000 public charging points for electric vehicles. proudly installed the 60,000th charging point on Natal Road in Streatham, London.

The early usage statistics from our newly installed landmark charge point reveal the demand for more residential charge points. So far, it has:

· Served: 6 households

· Powered: 1,200 miles

· Saved drivers 13% compared to ICE vehicle mileage costs

· Saved drivers 44% compared to rapid charging mileage costs

This achievement for the UK highlights the rapid expansion of its charging infrastructure, with installation rates increasing by 37% in early 2024.This growth underscores the commitment to making electric vehicle charging more accessible and convenient for all drivers.

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