We're building simple, sustainable on-street charging for everyone

The chargy team

We started char.gy in June 2016 with the goal of solving residential electric vehicle charging for people without off-street parking, such as driveways or garages. In late 2017 we’ll be trialling our first public charge point in Richmond and we’re working hard to make charging accessible for everyone, so that anyone who wants to own an electric vehicle can.

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Charging your electric vehicle using chargy is as simple as charging your mobile phone

It's our mission to make charging your electric vehicle as simple as charging your phone

Many charge point services today are too complicated, too impractical for daily use and ultimately stop a large number of people from embracing electric vehicles. We want to build a service that solves these issues and encourages more people to buy into electric vehicles.

A chargy charge point installed in a residential street

We envisage a world where every lamppost is also a charge point.

Drivers without off-street parking are still not catered for when it comes to charging an electric vehicle, and that’s just not cool. Imagine a world where every lamppost is also a charge point. Wouldn’t that make things simpler? We think so, and this is why we want to roll out char.gy to all corners of the UK and eventually, the world.

The char.gy journey

char.gy is the brainchild of our CEO, Richard Stobart, who was frustrated by the lack of charging solutions for drivers without off-street parking, such as those living in apartments or in houses without a driveway or garage.