A low cost, low effort solution for councils to provide residents with on-street electric vehicle charging.

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Benefits of

1. Easy installation

Fast installation onto existing lampposts ensures a comprehensive charge network can be rolled out quickly.

2. A better way to charge

Charge more electric vehicles overnight without residents needing to move their vehicle once charged; they are ready to go by morning. Multiple vehicles can park and charge using existing bays, electricity infrastructure and street furniture.

3. Arrive and charge

Access charging immediately on your smartphone - no waiting for RFID cards or special cables to arrive in the post.

4. OLEV funding compliant

Fully grant compliant with Office for Low Emission Vehicles funding.

5. Reusing infrastructure

Reuses existing street furniture and infrastructure billing through ELEXON's Balancing and Settlement framework.

6. Broad lamppost compatibility

Installation onto the lamppost, rather than inside, allows us to fit to a broad range of existing infrastructure.

7. Open and cost-effective system

Uses a standard charging cable, with no lock-in to subscriptions or hardware.

8. Standard Type 2 (BS EN 62196-2) sockets

Drivers charge with standard charging cables.

9. Can handle multiple street wiring configurations

Dedicated cut-outs at 25A or 32A and shared 25A supplies.

10. Fast charging

Up to 7.7kWh.

11. Pricing options to suit drivers

Pay-as-you-go option or get included kWh allowance with our monthly subscription plan.

12. Demand management

Various patented ways of managing supply bottlenecks and peak demand on the grid.

13. A fully-managed ecosystem

We provide the software, hardware and full servicing

Our Products

Lamppost solution

The lamppost solution is a specially designed compact charge point that utilises existing street and car park furniture and infrastructure by attaching directly onto lampposts

Bollard solution

The bollard solution is a stand-alone compact charge point that allows for greater flexibility for location placements on streets or within car parks, whilst still able to make use of existing supply infrastructure


All hardware devices are certified to meet the following standards:

  • ELEXON certified BSCP520 Measured Central Management System
  • Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulations 2017 compliant
  • OLEV Workplace Charging Scheme Approved
  • OLEV On-street residential charge point scheme compliant
  • Environmental protection to IP55 as per IEC 60529:1989
  • BS EN 61851 Parts 1 & 22
  • EC Directive for Electromagnetic Compatibility 2004/108/EC
  • EC Directive for Low Voltage Equipment 2006/95/EC
  • BS EN 61851 Part 23 (when published)
  • CE marked in accordance with EC Directive 93/465/EEC
  • National Cyber Security Centre-certified

Ideal for residents provides electric vehicle drivers with a full, end-to-end charging experience, from locating a charge point to completing a charging session.

1.A charge point on their doorstep

They can charge where they live, work or shop

2.Charge immediately

Residents can register and charge straight away, no need for them to wait for an RFID or membership card

3.Type-2 charging cable compatible

Supports open charging using the cables that comes with most electric vehicles

4.Streamlined web application

Simple, step-by-step method of charging and paying

5.Flexible pricing structure

Pricing plans to cover the needs of all drivers, from low-to-high usage

6.100% renewable energy

Powered by Octopus Energy

7.24/7 customer care

Help when it's needed by telephone, website or email

Software for drivers

Charging is started and managed through our user-friendly mobile web application which means there are no apps to download and drivers can start charging their cars even faster.

Find a nearby charge point and check availability and status

Register and subscribe for an account

Start a Pay As You Go session with Apple Pay or Google Pay

Commence a charging session, integrated with the physical plug-in process

Monitor progress of the charging session

Get status change notifications

Finish a charging session and release the charging cable

Access support via the help desk

Manage subscriptions and payment methods

Business model

Council concession

Councils who want to rapidly deploy infrastructure with OLEV's support and want to invest in future revenue streams

Council zero

A complete package of hardware, installation and servicing that is zero cost to the council over 10 years with more modest revenue generation

Determine location

Walkway Verge CPZ Ideal postion for a unit


For residential street deployments, there are two ways to allocate the location of a device - by a local resident requesting a charge point in their location, or based on a rollout plan to provide sufficient charging points in each controlled parking zone (CPZ).

Maximise Charging Opportunity

To maximise parking opportunities without dedicating bays, a device will ideally be located on a lamppost next to four residential bays; maximising the possible parking bays reachable per charge point.

Avoid Trip Hazards

To avoid trip hazard liability the charge points should only be located on lampposts that are positioned by the road verge. If lampposts are not correctly positioned, our bollard version provides the ability to place a small, unobtrusive satellite post in the correct position.

Other considerations

Other considerations are earthing impedance, design, orientation and age of the lamppost and mobile coverage

Securely built for public spaces has been designed to integrate into public spaces through a number of features, including:

1.Elegant and unobtrusive design

Blends into existing street furniture

2.Low lumen-rated LEDs

Not too visually distracting for residential neighborhoods

3.Unique metal embossed URL on each charge point

Can't be vandalised or removed

4.Physically secure

Tamper-proof access

5.Structural integrity of lamppost

Unaffected by the installation

6.Cable can't be removed by anyone else

Charging cable locked in until the car owner releases it

7.Full metal enclosure

Weatherproof and waterproof

8.Anti-graffiti paint

Designed to minimise any alteration of appearance

9.No cash payments on the device

All payments are made through the web application

10.PCI-compliant, secure payments

Optimising the security of card transactions


Ability to track and monitor each device to maximise uptime

Looking after your charge point

1.Lamppost integrity

We can provide lamppost type specific reports to show that integrity is not affected by the attachment of the device.

2.Site survey

A brief initial site survey can determine the suitability of a requested site, taking into account the location, 3G cellular coverage, type and quality of lamppost, parking restrictions and earthing requirements.


Where necessary, groundworks to install an earthing mat or earthing rods may be arranged.

The install intself involves isolating the supply, attach the device and fitting an additional isolator and RCD inside the lamppost. The device is then configured, tested and ready to use. The whole visit usually takes around 90 minutes.

4.Ongoing maintenance is responsible for maintaining the charge points. Visits are scheduled to proactively test and clean the char.gys to ensure safe and reliable operation.


Defects that are identified during inspections, via remote monitoring or following reports from the public, are prioritised for rectification based on risk

6.Customer care

Drivers can receive support through the support pages, our telephone helpline and customer portal

7.Back office software supplies the back office application and website and is continually enhancing the capabilities based on customer feedback to ensure the charging experience is seamless.

Software for councils has a dedicated back office application for councils to track and manage the workflow of each charging device.

Asset management of each individual charge point - location, connector type, number of sockets, hardware/firmware numbers

Usage reporting - availability, usage, trouble tickets and revenue generation

Performance reporting - KPI and SLA performance and OLEV schedule 6 reports

User statistics - demographics of charge point use (if users opt in)

Job management - request installations, see progress, monitor maintenance schedules

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